Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

Monday, 19 December 2011

Missing Sierra

I've been really ill for the past week, several ER visits...blood tests, ultrasound, chest x-ray, etc... And with all that I've been at home instead of at James' so I hadn't seen Sierra in a week :(

I missed them both so I had James pick me up Saturday night so I could be sick at my other home. Sierra lept into my arms when I got there and then laid down with me <3

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Rescue Remedy

 For some reason Sierra has taken to biting us at night. She was always hard to get on a schedule, she didn't seem to like sleeping through the night but we managed it. She has crunchies throughout the day along with water and gets one can of soft food a day split up so breakfast/lunch/dinner and bedtime snack. Plus several playtime's and always a playtime before bed in an attempt to tire her out. 

Usually she wants us awake because she wants more food, another play, shes just bored, she wants the entire bed to herself. She'd meow but we'd just ignore it. Now she bites skin...and she goes after James more than me o_o So we picked her up a bottle of Rescue Remedy because I'd heard so many good things about it. We put 2 drops on her breakfast and two on her bedtime snack. After bout 5 doses it seems to have at least relaxed her quite a bit.

She's usually quite scared of the bathroom, probably had a bad scare with water long before she ever came in to our lives. When I was in the bathroom on Saturday doing my make-up she hopped right up on the counter and then went into the sink to lay down o_o

Monday, 28 November 2011

Visiting Santa

James and I took Sierra (wearing her pretty new jingle collar thanks to my Mum) to Tisol so she could have her photo take with Santa. As usual she enjoyed the car ride but was a little nervous once in the store. I was a little annoyed that while I was signing her in all of a sudden they took her carrier and had her out and on Santa's lap o_o

I would have preferred that James or I had done it, plus less stress for kitty. She was a little bug eyed but Santa kept a good hold of her, even managing to hide her leash & harness for the shot. I was a little worried Sierra might maul him but he said not to worry, that he had lots of padding.

In the end they got a really nice shot ^_^~!

Monday, 14 November 2011

No more tears

Whenever James leaves for school in the morning Sierra just cries and cries :( I guess she has really bad separation anxiety. Well the other day I flicked on her favourite... http://www.ustream.tv/ffrc and it worked~! She was happily distracted and I was able to go back to sleep in peace ^_^

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sierra's Stuff

I thought I'd post photo's of some of Sierra's stuff. Not pictured are her favourite toys: the little grey mousie that came in the swag pack she won from Petsmart and a little orange football I bought her from Canadian Tire for a $2 donation.

The toy box I painted for her.

A box she loves to play in that I painted.

3 stuffies James got her from Ikea, she especially loves killing the large rat in the middle.

Her food area.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Sierra & Youtube

I have never met a kitty with such a LONG attention span!
James and I showed her Youtube a little while back and she LOVES it lol, completely obsessed!

She has her two favourite video's



and Winter Birds

We also leave Friends of felines rescue center on for her a lot

She will actually come and sit in front of the screen annoying you until you put on her video's. And if you happen to be curled up in bed while shes watching....she will turn and stare at you when it ends so you will come refresh or put on another one.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Halloween at Petsmart

Petsmart was going to be having a Halloween event so James and I decided to take Sierra. Since we still don't have a stroller for her yet we just put her harness on and put her in her carrier (which we stuck on top of a shopping cart so we could move around easily (the carrier is pretty big) and so she could see everything.

She really enjoyed the car ride, although she was a bit nervous she loved watching the world out the window.

Once there we realized she was the ONLY kitty o_o.
There were a lot of cute dogs dressed up but that was it. We paid to have her photo taken but she wasn't in costume since she refused to wear the little army jacket I had for her. I also had to get in the photo with her since she was very tense with all the dogs around and would not sit still. Sadly the photo didn't really come out but James was able to get this one of her. 

While waiting for the costumed pet parade to begin we rolled her around the store to look at fish and birds, she loves that.

James saw a Witch hat and bought it for her, to our surprise she actually let us put it on her. The pet parade was cute and Sierra ended up winning best cat, probably since she was the only cat lol but we won't complain. :P

She got a cute little certificate and a bag of swag.

She really loved all her new toys, especially the fuzzy grey mouse.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Bed Hog

It's a good thing James & I are planning on getting a king sized bed fairly soon because Sierra is the biggest bed hog. I'm not sure how such a little kitty manages it but she does.

A lot of the time she wakes us up it's not for food or a play....it's so she can have the bed for herself. And when James leaves for school you think with just the two of us in bed we'd have room...but nope. She kicks me right to the edge.

And hogs my fuzzy blanket T_T!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Welcome Home Sierra~!

I'm not sure where Sierra first came from or even how old she is. The only information I have is she was dumped on a friend of mine by his roommate. Not long after the friend had to move so Sierra stayed with some people in their basement for several years without much attention.

This didn't seem to do anything to her personality though~! She's loving and very cuddly.

She enjoyed checking out her surroundings that first day and playing with some new toys, come bedtime was when she started to get upset. She would pace and meow at night for the next 3 days. I stayed up all night with her to try and calm her.

Now she is completely settled in to her new home and having a great time.