Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Halloween at Petsmart

Petsmart was going to be having a Halloween event so James and I decided to take Sierra. Since we still don't have a stroller for her yet we just put her harness on and put her in her carrier (which we stuck on top of a shopping cart so we could move around easily (the carrier is pretty big) and so she could see everything.

She really enjoyed the car ride, although she was a bit nervous she loved watching the world out the window.

Once there we realized she was the ONLY kitty o_o.
There were a lot of cute dogs dressed up but that was it. We paid to have her photo taken but she wasn't in costume since she refused to wear the little army jacket I had for her. I also had to get in the photo with her since she was very tense with all the dogs around and would not sit still. Sadly the photo didn't really come out but James was able to get this one of her. 

While waiting for the costumed pet parade to begin we rolled her around the store to look at fish and birds, she loves that.

James saw a Witch hat and bought it for her, to our surprise she actually let us put it on her. The pet parade was cute and Sierra ended up winning best cat, probably since she was the only cat lol but we won't complain. :P

She got a cute little certificate and a bag of swag.

She really loved all her new toys, especially the fuzzy grey mouse.

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